Track your kindergarten students online

The Kindergarten Success Book is the perfect way to track your students’ progress. It offers a quick and efficient way to track all assessment results with just a few clicks. You can drill down into the skills, characteristics and needs of each student. The data can be used in the classroom to help differentiate learning activities in groups. In turn, parents or legal guardians can benefit from detailed and regular updates on their child’s development. This tracking book allows educators to provide individualised support to each student in their class.

What is a nursery success book?

The Kindergarten Success Book is a tool for schools that apply the concept of active pedagogy such as Montessori, Freinet or Steiner.

With the Kindergarten Success Book, the Nursery/Foundation or Infant School/Key Stage 1 teacher will have a valuable tool to record and evaluate the progress of his or her pupils as they progress through school. The success book is designed to be a long-term guide, allowing the teacher to form an interpretation of the pupils’ progress based on multiple observations and over periods of several months or years.

Depending on the form of information chosen, the booklet can carry meaningful visuals that illustrate each pupil’s progress and achievements in a clear way. It is essential for any school wishing to observe and monitor the learning progress of its pupils.

The tracking book allows parents and teachers to easily monitor children’s progress. It includes milestones and simple, yet descriptive, observations of student performance against given standards.

This valuable resource also allows for timely intervention to ensure that each child is progressing at their own pace throughout their kindergarten years. With this tool, families can access an invaluable compilation of information about their child’s progress and be better informed about their child’s development through to the end of kindergarten in cycle 1.

Summary of the student's learning pathway into the first year of cycle 2

At the end of the kindergarten, the team of teachers in charge of the cycle prepares a short synthesis to give an overview of the pupil’s learning path. This document is not based on specific tests, but gives an overview of the knowledge and skills acquired by the pupil during the cycle.

The results are then sent to the pupil’s primary school together with all other necessary documents to be taken into account when planning the next stage of the pupil’s educational development. In this way, this summary serves as a basis for ensuring that each pupil has the best possible learning experience throughout their schooling.

MyScol simplifies the monitoring of the kindergarten learning path

With MyScol, parents can stay in touch with their child’s learning journey. They can easily check their child’s results at nursery school by viewing, downloading and signing their child’s success logs online from MyScol.

The platform will give them an overview of how school is going for their little one. It provides parents with tangible and visual feedback on their child’s progress through real-time achievement charts.

Most importantly, with the digital pre-school achievement diary, teachers have an innovative way to practice positive assessment by recording pupils’ achievements in a simple and interactive way. They can even attach photos, make recordings or polish up complete diaries that are both readable and colourful to meet all the expectations of the pre-school.

Share data easily

MyScol makes it easy for teaching professionals to collaborate effectively. You can standardise achievement records across the school and quickly share assessments between classes. Student data can be easily transferred from one year to the next, making it easier to administer and manage your school’s paperwork.

The MyScol logbook can be accessed at any time or from any location and device. Unlike traditional paper logbooks which are often cumbersome to manage, this web-based application allows access from any device with a few clicks. In addition, each user has their own unique personal login details for added security and convenience.