The kindergarten

MyScol is suitable for all types of establishments and will enable you to manage your nursery school in a few clicks.

Manage your nursery school with MyScol thanks to its multiple functions

MyScol is suitable for all types of establishments, it is very simple to manage a nursery school which contains several levels of classes (Small section, Middle section and Large section) as well as multiple classes of its various levels.

With MyScol you also have the possibility of managing your employees (Teacher, Secretary, Atsem …) by generating pay slips in just one click, a possibility for your employees to request simple and fast leave from the platform, the dematerialization of documents …

A School Life module is at your disposal, you can view all the information of a student, perform an advanced search on the students, the call in room to inform the administration in real time of absences, delays … A life notebook to share class life with parents by publishing activities, outings, photos, and periodic monitoring of pupils thanks to a periodic and end-of-cycle assessment.

Why choose MyScol? MyScol is very easy to use and offers a modern and responsive interface that can be accessed from anywhere on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Customer support is available for any questions the user may have.