Simple and clear pricing. With MyScol everything is included.
No invoicing per module, so no nasty surprises.
You control your budget. The prices shown are exclusive of tax. The amount of VAT will be calculated in the basket according to your country.

Annual Payment Monthly Payment

504 Excl. Tax

instead of 1008 €

or 42 € Excl. Tax /month invoiced annually

Only 0.42 € by student by month

  • Key features Free
  • CRM
  • Optional Paying
  • SMS
  • Dematerialised attendance sheet ( with electronic signature )

1 440 excl. tax

instead of 2 880 €

or 120 € excl. tax /month invoiced annually

Only 0.24 € by student by month

  • Key features Free
  • CRM
  • Optional Paying
  • SMS
  • Dematerialised attendance sheet ( with electronic signature )

2 160 excl. tax

instead of 4 320 €

or 180 € excl. tax /month invoiced annually

Only 0.18 €by student by month

  • Key features Free
  • CRM
  • Optional Paying
  • SMS
  • Dematerialised attendance sheet ( with electronic signature )

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84 excl. tax

it 0,84 € excl. tax /month/student


240 excl. tax

it 0,48 € excl. tax /month/student


360 excl. tax

it 0,36 € /month/student

Support & Help


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Website Pack
Website Pack


excl. tax/month

  • Website creation & management
  • Domain name
  • Direct link to MyScol
  • Responsive site (mobile/tablet)
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Update


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  • Migration to MyScol
  • Importing your data
  • Training
  • Accompaniment
  • Video tutorials
  • Knowledge base
A specific request?
A specific request?


Contact us

  • Tailor-made development
  • Integration with your system
  • Creating your own registration page
  • Customisation of the report card

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your solution is great, why is it so cheap?

We keep our costs to a minimum, which means you don't have to pay for our rent on the Champs-Elysées or the backpack chairs.
We are a small team and want to reach as many customers as possible. We market our solution without intermediaries. Our sales force is our customers and the internet. We try to automate as much as possible for marketing to reduce costs.
This allows us to save on personnel costs.

However, we do not offer a cheap solution.

I have subscribed online, what is the next step?

After subscription, you will receive a confirmation email. After verifying your payment, we will send you the MyScol administrator login details

What happens if I exceed the number of students included in my subscription?

No problem. You will be charged for additional students at the end of the subscription period. The cost per additional student varies according to the package.

Should access be paid for teachers and other employees?

No, user accounts such as Teachers, Secretary, etc. are included in the subscription. We only charge for registered students.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do not offer a free trial. But you can request a demo of MyScol or try MyScol without obligation for 1 month.

Do you have to pay per module?

No, with MyScol, all modules are included in all packages. You are free to use them or not.

How long does it take to set up?

Quite fast. After subscribing online, you will receive your login details by email within 48 hours (working days)

Are there any hidden costs or additional charges afterwards?

No, there is no hidden cost. The subscription is fixed. Only the paid options such as training, sms pack and specific developments requested generate additional costs.