MyScol, the all-in-one solution.

MyScol offers a modern and responsive interface, accessible anywhere from your PC, tablet and smartphone.

Admission & Registration

Real-time monitoring of requests, creation of an automatic student database, real-time information on the follow-up of requests.

School Life

All school life events are present: homework, absences, timetable, grades, etc. Manage classes and teacher assignment to a subject.

Messaging & Communication

Private and group messaging system for all users. Direct exchange with families, administration or colleagues. Sharing of documents and internet resources. Integrated emailing.

Library & Materials

Manage the stock of your products (video projector, computer, books, etc.). Efficient reservation system with inventory management.

Finance & Accounting

Manage school income and expenses intelligently by uploading receipts.

Human Resources & Payroll

Manage staff (teachers, senior school administrator, preschool assistant & other), their leave, absences, contracts and other documents.

Control and safety management

Manage your providers and archive contracts.

School Furniture

Parents can download the list of school supplies or buy directly from our website