MyScol: the all-in-one solution to the challenges of higher education.

MyScol offers a modern, responsive interface that can be accessed anywhere from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Suitable for all types of higher education establishments

Universities, Faculties, Grandes écoles, Institutes, Sts, Prépas, etc.

A simple, stress-free way to manage your students' files
Powerful solution for email, SMS and mailing campaigns
Students can track their data, progress, grades and timetable in real time.
Users can easily book online in just a few lines
Manage teachers and their time more easily
You can also add links to your favourite sites. Ex: OPCO
Budgeting, invoices, income & expenditure, payment schedules
Manage the security of your establishment by centralising all your suppliers' contracts
Simplify the management of your work experience and sandwich course agreements
Manage your online courses, integrated video, create and share training courses.
Attendance sheet

Roll-call made easy, print or download the attendance sheet

Learner follow-up

Make it easy to visualise your student's career path and access all their educational information

Results management

Manage assessments by average or ECTS rating, etc. Publish report cards and transcripts, personalised and updated in real time.

Stakeholder monitoring

Find all the information you need to manage your teacher file

Collaborative calendar

Plan and organise your work as a team and keep track of your actions

Internships & work experience

Simplify the management of your work experience and sandwich course agreements

Admission & Registration

Real-time monitoring of requests, creation of an automatic student database, real-time information on the status of requests.

School Life

All school life events are included: attendance, course materials, student assessments, teaching assessments, organisation of oral examinations, company management, monitoring of work placements, etc. Manage classes and assign teachers to subjects.

Messaging & Communication

Private and group messaging system for all users. Direct exchange with students, administration or colleagues. Share documents and internet resources. Integrated emailing.

Library and Materials

Manage your product stock (video projector, computer, books, etc.). Efficient reservation system with inventory management.

Finance & Accounting

Manage your school's income and expenditure intelligently by uploading receipts.

Human Resources & Payroll

Manage staff (teachers, lecturers, etc.), their leave, absences, contracts and other documents.

Safety and control management

Manage your suppliers and archive contracts.