Registration management

MyScol is the easy-to-use admissions, registration and tuition management solution that will allow you to easily build a comprehensive database of your enrolments.

Taking charge of each stage

logiciel de gestion d'enseignement supérieur

Save time with the comprehensive and personalised form to build a complete database from the start.


Make registration a breeze with our secure electronic contracts.

Logiciel de gestion d'enseignement supérieur
Management of school fees

Faster collection and management of tuition fees with our billing system.

Simplify your work

Best performance


Forms to get to know your future students better and turn applications into enrolments.
A real' time-saver

Automate laborious and time-consuming processes, giving you more time to spend with potential families.

Fluidity of informations

Real-time online processing and monitoring to facilitate the management and sharing of information between the different actors: administration, parents, teachers, students, etc.

Online appointment management

Schedule and manage admission interviews, tests and other events online.

Automation of tasks

Automate processes such as sending invoices and reminders for non-payment.

Automatic staggering of payments

Give parents the option of making one-off or monthly payments.

Integrated tuition management

Collect tuition fees easily, using automated reminders and customised payment schedules.

Automatic e-mail reminders

Thanks to automatic confirmation and reminder emails to candidates, no more forgetting!

Follow-up of online requests

Track the status and ranking of applications and enrolment lists according to various criteria: class, file status and date.

Easy management of requests

Dynamic, downloadable online forms for immediate access to all the data you need to know about your potential students.

Request for admission

Parents can easily manage their application with quick access to their file which is automatically updated.

Customisable management system

In addition to the basic information (marital status, address, etc.), you can add criteria to personalise your application form (interests, languages, motivation, etc.).

Transparent integration

Payment of tuition and fees from one place, with one connection, all without transfer fees.

Digital registration contract

Give families the tools to move from acceptance to enrolment more quickly with secure electronic contracts.

Customised contracts in a few clicks

Generate contracts in just a few clicks, automatically allocating tuition, fees and discounts according to your rules.

Calendar of events

Adding events to your calendar will give you an overview of the month’s events.

Parent management

Manage parents with our solution that will allow you to schedule appointments online directly and inform parents.

Online pre-registration (admission)

Take advantage of the online pre-registration to process the student’s file and make an appointment with the parents if necessary.

Follow-up of registration

Track student enrolment status in real time