Human resources management

Running a school is time consuming, which is why MyScol includes a comprehensive human resources management module to make your life easier!

Simplified human resources management to save time in the academic follow-up of your students.

logiciel de gestion d'enseignement supérieur
This module enables you to

Integrate all your employees' personal information
Manage requests for leave and absences
Editing the classic lists and work certificates of employees

Pointing system

You can choose to set up a time and attendance system that will allow employees to record their arrival and departure times each day and to know the hours worked by an employee over a given period.

Our possible features

Centralization of personnel administrative data

Simplified updating of personal information (e.g. change of address or bank account details), provision of the data needed to publish the staff register.

Improving HR monitoring

Monitoring of employee-related events (medical check-ups, end of contract, interviews, etc.), history of all employee data, monitoring of HR indicators (payroll, workforce, absenteeism, etc.).

Periodic maintenance management

Flexible and anticipated organisation of interviews, automatic reminder notifications, visibility on skills and training needs detected during interviews, etc.

Leave and absence management

Quick and easy leave request and validation, data on duration, frequency and reasons for leave, etc.

Management of expense reports

Quick and easy reimbursement requests and validations, reimbursement history.

Dematerialization of the dossier

Centralisation of the data necessary for the publication of the personnel register, secure provision of pay slips.

Working time management

Dematerialised reporting of arrival and departure times and break times, automatic calculation of paid or recovered overtime, monitoring of permutations, monitoring of service records (hours counted).

Training management

Automatic calculation of training costs, training plan, tracking of expenses by type, institution and funding scheme, evaluation of acquired skills, database of training courses classified by date, employees, theme, calendar of courses available online.

Recruitment candidate management

Automatic collection and sorting of applications facilitated, online creation of a CV library classified by profile (administrative, management, teaching, etc.), planning of job interviews, management of applications with assessment, etc.

Pay slip in one click

(paying option) generate your employees’ payslips with just one click…

Alert notifications

Receive an e-mail notification for each important event: end of contract, end of trial period, medical examination, professional interview, etc.


(paying option)

Room management

Assign a room to each course and keep track of available rooms. Manage room reservations for another course or intervention.


Follow-up and distribution of timetables, meetings, class councils, room reservations, etc. to the people concerned. You can also use the timetable design help by indicating the various constraints (teachers in several classes, break times, etc.).

Staff access log


Hierarchy and access rights