Planning online lessons with Jitsi, Zoom, Google Meet…

Traditional education is undergoing a major transformation in our era of rapid technological development. Among the most striking developments, E-learning is a method that relies on electronic resources and digital technologies to deliver educational content. This method has revolutionised the education sector due to its flexibility, accessibility and effiectiveness. Thus, the MyScol application offers an E-Learning module that is one of the most important tools for improving the distance learning process and making the most of this modern technology.

The importance of the E-learning module in education

  • MyScol E-Learning is an application that gives students access to a variety of online learning materials, lectures and teaching resources. This interactive and stimulating approach replaces traditional teaching methods, encouraging students to learn and understand more easily.
  • MyScol’s E-Learning module offre innovative tools for assessing and tracking student progress. Teachers can create online tests and assignments, and students can submit their answers to receive instant feedback. This allows teachers to provide extra support and understand the needs of each student.
  • The MyScol E-Learning application strengthens communication between teachers, pupils and parents. Teachers can easily share teaching resources, instructions and advice with pupils, while pupils and parents can communicate with teachers to ask questions and exchange comments.
  • MyScol E-Learning encourages students to learn independently and at their own pace. Students can access online educational content anywhere, anytime, allowing them to organise their time and implement their own learning projects.
  • MyScol is compatible with all devices and platforms, giving students easy access to educational content from any device. Students can learn in the environment that suits them best.

MyScol partners with popular online meeting platforms such as Jitsi, Zoom and Google Meet to enable online lessons. MyScol’s integration with these platforms allows teachers and students to access online courses more easily and seamlessly, facilitating direct interaction between teachers and students. Here are some of the benefits of e-learning with MyScol:

Live lessons: Teachers can create a timetable for lessons and invite students to join them using unique links. This means that students can attend classes from anywhere at any time that suits them.

Direct communication and interaction: Teachers can conduct audio and video explanations and lectures and answer students’ questions in real time. Students can also take part in discussions, exchange ideas and comments with their classmates and question teachers on topics.

Sharing learning materials: Teachers can view presentations, fichiers and other learning resources during virtual classes. Students can follow and download these materials and use them in their own learning process.

Documentation and recording of lessons: Teachers can record live lessons, lectures, explanations and discussions. Students can use these recordings to review the material and make sure they understand it.

Active parental involvement: Parents can attend online parent-teacher meetings and connect with teachers to monitor their children’s progress and learning.

MyScol’s integration with virtual meeting platforms improves communication and interaction between teachers, students and parents, enabling a flexible and sustainable learning experience. This approach enables students to take full advantage of modern technology and distance learning, and supports inclusive and efficacious education in the modern age.

Save time and improve the teaching experience

Give students priority with an automatic connection to their virtual courses. This means that as soon as a student joins an online session, they can instantly access educational content, discussions and training materials without any delay.

  • Students in different time zones or with busy schedules can join classes without delay and coordinate with other teachers or classmates. They can bénéficier the educational content at a time that suits them best and organise their time efficacement.
  • Teachers can also profit from this feature to save time and improve their teaching experience. They can start lessons on time and deliver educational content as soon as students log in, rather than waiting for latecomers or students in difficulté.
  • MyScol’s integration with virtual meeting platforms enables students to access educational content immediately and benefit from learning without delay. This encourages individual and self-directed learning and enhances the learning experience for each student.