Sharing of documents or internet resources

Create a folder and then share files or any accessible internet resources with your users or a group of users

Afin order to ensure optimal collaboration between stakeholders, it is crucial to share information. To this end, we have developed MyScol’s ‘document sharing’ module, which enables an efficient transition of documents. You can say goodbye to paper documents thanks to this solution.

Internal document sharing

Sharing documents internally has never been so easy! Thanks to our “Document sharing” module, you can easily share fichiers internally on MyScol. With this feature, you can save time and share your documents easily between teaching teams.

Share documents with students

Document sharing is a common practice in schools. It allows teachers to communicate easily with their students, sharing assignments, projects and teaching resources. The Document Sharing module is a practical and efficacious solution for educators who want to share documents quickly and easily.

Link sharing

Make teaching easier by sharing useful links with your students! In an online teaching environment, sharing useful links is a valuable tool for helping students access additional resources. Use our “Document sharing” module to easily share useful links with your students.

Document storage

Worried about losing your fichiers? Worry no more! Our “document sharing” module ensures that your fichiers are centralised and backed up in a single place. Thanks to its integrated cloud, you no longer have to worry about losing data.