Garderie Scolaire management software

Are you looking for a solution for the management of your daycare centre? You’ve come to the right place. Try MyScol

Day nurseries are a crucial place for parents, who confient their children there. It is vital to guarantee their safety and to look after them properly. That’s why we’ve developed the MyScol childcare module. Thanks to MyScol, you can take charge of the management of the day nursery by using several functionalities.

La sécurité de tous les enfants est la priorité absolue des équipes pédagogiques. Pour cette raison, nous avons créé un module de “garderie” pour renforcer leur sécurité. Les responsables des garderies pourront saisir l’heure d’entrée et de sortie de leur enfant à la garderie, afin de garantir leur sécurité. 

To provide the best possible service for children, it is crucial to collect essential information about them. That’s why the “garderie” module allows you to capture all the information you need to ensure children’s well-being. The childcare module is an essential tool for ensuring the well-being of children while offranting efficacious and simplified management for childcare centres.

MyScol uses the latest security technologies to protect pupils’ personal data. As well as guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information, MyScol also ensures the integrity of the data and prevents any attempt at piracy or fraud. Through security measures put in place by MyScol such as data encryption, strong authentication and more real-time monitoring of servers to detect any suspicious or malicious activity.

To sum up, this module guarantees the safety of children when they are in the day nursery by centralising all the necessary information on the child, as well as recording the times at which the child arrives and leaves. MyScol also ensures data confidentiality.