Library and Materials Management

The library and material management module allows for more precise knowledge of the content (the diversity of media, genres, etc.). It also allows for the planning and monitoring of individual loans.

Loan management to avoid loss of books and materials

This module enables you to :

Search for existing works or materials
Sorting stocks by category
Easily manage loans (borrower, date of loan)
Visualise the entire stock in a synthetic way
Backing up databases

Our functionalities

Management of Books

Manage in one click: loans and returns, reservations and borrowing history.

Management of materials

Instantly visualise the real state of your stock, reliably and intuitively carry out entries and exits, sort and export to Excel, plan the entry and exit of materials, easily carry out your inventories, etc.

Management of inventory

Classification by category to manage and find all your products (books, audiovisual, computers, photography, physical education, etc.). Also, for a better follow-up, the system allows to find a product easily and efficiently each material in the inventory thanks to the bar code scan.

Assignment of material

It is possible to distinguish between loans and assignment of equipment, which may have a longer holding period, in order to have reliable and accurate visibility of all equipment.

Lending and reservation system

The user can reserve a book or material online with one click.

Recurrence of loans for staff

Possibility of pre-scheduling equipment reservations at a certain frequency.


Allows you to have an overview of all current and future loans (by day, week, month or by product).

Generate loan reports

Generate reports to assess the use of loan equipment globally in order to rotate and make some equipment available over others.

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Management of categories


Management of locations


Notification and alert