Fill in and export the school booklet from high school to the national application with MyScol

The high school bouklet is one of the tools available to parents and guardians to monitor their child’s progress at school. Its dematerialised version was created in 2013 by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, to facilitate access and optimise the management of school assessments. The high school bouklet is designed for baccalaureates in the general and technological streams (except for the STAV baccalaureate) and the vocational stream. Teachers and schools are required to fill in and send the school reports for the lycée to the national application. With MyScol the process is ultra simplified.

What is in the High School Booklets?

Secondary School Records describe in detail the development and achievements of the student from the last cycle of secondary education. They should present an accurate and detailed account of their abilities, providing a complete picture of who they are as learners.

Each booklet examines the extent to which the student has acquired the knowledge and mastered the skills taught in each course by his or her teacher, in relation to the respective objectives. It provides both a numerical and a qualitative assessment of the performance of each student in the lycée.

Since the new reforms of 2020, the school record booklet of the high school takes into account the newly updated timetables and programmes of the general and technological tracks. This is true both in terms of teaching and pedagogical skills. In addition, it contains all the amendments relating to the assessment of digital skills.

Moreover, from the new 2021 reform, this dematerialised booklet will serve as the basis for determining the annual averages of the subjects assessed in the continuous assessment. In order to keep up with the constant evolution of the curricula, this dematerialised booklet often needs to be adapted and updated.

A useful booklet for baccalaureate jury deliberations

The High Scool Booklet contains a great deal of information about pupils’ academic careers in the high school, especially those who have taken part in continuous assessment systems. Its contents are taken into account by the baccalauréat juries during their deliberations.

After the first and second groups of tests, the jury consults the livret to determine whether the candidate is close to the qualification threshold or should be deferred.

It is important to remember that the jury has access to limited data; for example, the name, school of origin, place of residence, names of teachers of the student are not accessible in order to minimise any possibility of discrimination.