Are you looking for an alternative solution to Pronote or a serious competitor for the management of your school?

MyScol is a school management platform that is attractive in terms of value for money. No per-module billing, everything is included in the MyScol package. There is no one-year commitment with us, you can subscribe to our offer without commitment and terminate easily.

MyScol is a progressive and modern software that can be highly recommended to anyone working in the education management environment.
If you are looking for an online software to replace the Pronote software, choose MyScol.

Why choose MyScol as an alternative to Pronote?

MyScol can massively reduce your manual workload. Especially if you are in the administrative field, this school management software will help you minimise the manual effort put into the processes of student enrolment, staff management, finance and school life management and much more.

More specifically, MyScol is used mainly in the field of education. From kindergarten to higher education, it is very useful in terms of interacting with parents and communicating directly with them about their children’s performance, attendance and school results.

MyScol is a complete solution. There are many modules such as online enrolment management, school life, communication, finance, human resources, sharing & documents, e-learning are already included in the package.

The advantages of MyScol

One of the best educational ERPs you need to fully control your school.

A management solution for institutions that is the easiest to use, fastest to implement with the best results in the shortest time.

MyScol is used in many schools in France and internationally. MyScol is a flexible and scalable solution and has already been adopted in more than 17 countries around the world.

MyScol is the platform you need to manage your daily tasks.

Parent, student and teacher portals are included in the package.

MyScol is a software approved by the Ministry of Education.

Don’t hesitate to book your free demo.

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